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A burglar alarm system is designed to detect unauthorized intrusion into a home or business.

Advanced Alarm Inc. will work hard to design a burglary prevention system for you utilizing the latest in proven technology in order to meet the needs of your business. Advanced Alarm Inc. offers a wide range of security products which have a pleasing appearance, appeal and easy operation, which include door and window sensors, glass break detection, motion detector, and many more to keep you safe. Advanced Alarm Inc. uses cutting edge alarm controls and systems, these can be viewed on our burglar alarm systems page. Your Burglar Alarm may also contain smoke, fire and carbon monoxide detection equipment. Other options include water leak detection and temperature sensors that will help you better manage your property. The integrity of the wiring and wireless devices are supervised electronically and will notify our monitoring station in the event of fault.

All systems can be monitored by our 24-hour Monitoring Station, Emergency 24 via telephone line or radio back-up for Police/Fire/Medical notification. All systems contain ample battery back-up should you lose power.

Advanced Alarm Inc. provides security systems for virtually any commercial application.