No matter what your security requirements may be, Advanced Alarm has the right solution. We can customize your commercial or residential alarm system to fit whatever your security needs may be. Once we have evaluated the property and identified the right security components, the installation is done as quickly as possible. In most cases just a day or two!

How long does an installation take?

Most single-family residences average from 1,500 to 3,500 sq feet. Typically, these homes take 1 full day with 2 installers; sometimes up to 2 days. Any home larger than 3500 sq ft is usually a custom home; and these homes can take longer than 2 days due to other extra features and amenities the customers wants (i.e.: intercom, cable TV, internet, cameras, satellite, etc)

Commercial alarms consist of fire alarms, security alarms, and CCTV camera systems. The buildings can vary tremendously in size; anywhere from 800 square feet to 100,000 square ft or larger. Depending on what the owner and the local fire department require, these installations can take from a few days, up to a few weeks!

What do I need before the install?

  1. Burglar alarm: The client always is charge of making sure the new system has a phone line and a local power outlet; ready to be connected to the new alarm.

  2. Blueprints: In most instances, blueprints are not required. If blueprints are part of the scope of work, then it is usually the request of the owner to have them drawn up by the contractor (i.e.: City jobs, Local and State Government, etc)
  1. Fire Alarm: Local city and county authorities always require at the least the following:
  • City business license for the contractor
  • Electrical permit for the contractor
  • Fire alarm permit and plan check fees
  • A set of approved fire alarm installation plans prior to work being started.

    ** These items can be in the bid from the contractor; or paid by the owner.
  1. CCTV Camera systems:
  • The client provides local power outlets for the camera head end components.
  • A location to install the head end devices (i.e.:  shelves, cabinets, on top of desk)
  • A pre planned map of what the client wants to “see” with regards to camera locations
  • Static IP address for a digital video recorder enabling the client to “remote view” cameras from different locations, other than the site.
  • To approve design with or without cables being ran in conduit within the bldg facility.

Do you provide training on the systems?

  1. On any installed system – fire alarm, burglar alarm, or camera system – the client is always trained on the use and various functions of the system installed. Factory user guides are provided to the client during training.

  2. There is no extra or added cost to train the client. The time allotted to train is always included in the total labor cost of the install.

  3. Most systems, whether simple or complex, can take anywhere from 10 minutes to 1 hour for training.