Get answers to commonly asked questions

1 .Is the monitoring station local or out of state?
The monitoring station is local right here in Southern California (Aliso Viejo)

2. How long are the monitoring contracts?
The minimum standard contract is for 1 year and they go up to 5 years

3. Can I change out the main alarm battery myself?
Yes. You can, but if it is installed incorrectly, you take a risk of damaging the main control panel.

4. How long does it take from the time the contract is signed to the completion of the installation?
In most instances, the start time can begin as early as the next day after the contract is signed.

5. Do you provide tech support? If so, is it available 24/7?
Yes, we provide tech support during normal business hrs (8am-5pm M-F)
An after hrs tech is available when you call the central station; the tech is called on his cell phone.

6. How long is the initial warranty?
The initial warranty is 1 year for both parts and labor

7. Do you provide an extended warranty?
Yes. Extended warranties are available for purchase at the time of contract signing at an added cost.

8. Do you accept all major credit cards?
Yes. We accept all major credit cards (American Express, MasterCard, Visa, and Discover)

9. What licenses do you hold to provide the service you perform?
We hold a California Electrical C-10 license, Bureau of Investigative Services Alarm Company License, Alarm Company Qualified Manager License, State of California Qualified Fire Alarm Technicians License, Central Station UL Certification.

10. Can I purchase extra parts at a local retailer?
Very few items can be purchased at a local retailer (i.e.: Radio Shack) We cannot warranty any added parts installed or the operation of the system; that is not provided by our company.